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IN.SI.DIA - Istinto & Rabbia
  • IN.SI.DIA - Istinto & Rabbia

IN.SI.DIA - Istinto & Rabbia

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IN.SI.DIA debut album reissued from Jolly Roger Records. Active since 1991 (named as Inviolacy), after the demo “No compromises!” with 4 tracks with thrash near to first Metallica sound, especially for the guitar solos, they are noticed by Italian Major (!) Polygram which produces the debut album “Istinto e Rabbia” (“Instinct and Anger”), with Omar Pedrini (guitarist of Timoria band) as artistic producer. 
This is the first time in Italy an Heavy Metal band signs for a Major. The album is out on Cd in 1993 and it’s straight in your face thrash metal, but with an excellence sound and production. 
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