MORTANIUS - Till Death Do Us Part
  • MORTANIUS - Till Death Do Us Part

MORTANIUS - Till Death Do Us Part

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US Prog Power Metal Band Debut Album!

Power Prog band Mortanius released debut album "Till Death Do Us Part" on February 22, 2019 to follow EPs 'A Voice From Beyond' (2016), 'Savage Garden' (2015), and 'Ethereal Waltz' (2014).

"The album features a mixture of progressive and power metal. The songs all have melodic vocals that sing catchy lines. Choirs and harmonized vocals are featured heavily. Lead guitars shred fast and harmonized beautifully with each other, and the rhythm guitars are tight and intricate. Keyboards play an integral part to the sound of the album, providing atmospheric flavour and sometimes carrying the main melodies."


Track Listing:
1. Facing the Truth (feat Leo Figaro) (5:11)
2. Disengage (10:17)
3. Jaded (feat Jonas Heidgert) (9:02)
4. Till Death Do Us Part (18:23)
5. Last Christmas (Wham cover) (5:56)
Album Length: 48:50


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