BLOODY HELL - The Bloodening
  • BLOODY HELL - The Bloodening

BLOODY HELL - The Bloodening

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Formed to cause confusion and fear in people who don’t understand what heavy metal is about, Helsinki, Finland's BLOODY HELL have been wowing fans around the globe with their loud, unapologetic, speed demon tyranny for two decades. Known for their drunken wild shows, the band has always presented good times in the circle pit with anthems about drinking, hangovers, devil-worshipping among other important matters.

The members of Bloody Hell also all perform in Moottörin Jyrinä (a children's heavy metal band that plays cover songs from classic 1980s heavy metal songs with child-friendly Finnish language lyrics with an educational tone). Guitarist Esa Orjatsalo and drummer Atte Marttinen play in the mighty Metal De Facto.


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