TRYGLAV - Night Of Whispering Souls

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TRYGLAV - Night Of Whispering Souls

1 Under my skin
2 Night of whispering souls
3 Deadline
4 Evil dead
5 Creature of the night
6 Werewolf
7 Beyond the limit


The basic concept of TRYGLAV’s debut album “Night Of Whispering Souls” is to blend different influences such as black metal, 80’s horror imaginary and movies. The outcome is an outstanding epic black metal music, matched with melancholy, speed,  melody and brutality.

Being a one-man band, TRYGLAV is the full essence of its leader Boris Behara, Croatian musician and multi-instrumentalist fully inspired by black metal.

Enhanced by a crystalline production forged into the Australian “Emissary Studios”,  “Night Of Whispering Souls” is the ultimate frontier of black metal at its purest.


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