VIKRAM - Behind The Mask I
  • VIKRAM - Behind The Mask I

VIKRAM - Behind The Mask I

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Rockshots Records is proud to announce their latest signing of Brazil progressive/oriental metallers Vikramband for the release of their debut album "BEHIND THE MASK I" on October 25, 2019!????

With influences that range from progressive metal to folk and ethnic, their music can be described as 'Oriental Progressive Metal'. The project is idealized by Tiago Della Vega, known for the Guinness Book title of world's fastest guitarist and his appearances on some tv shows all over the world.


Track List:

1. Taar (Instrumental)

2. The Mortal Dance Of Kali

3. Requiem For Salem

4. Burn In Hell

5. Andaluzia

6. Hassan Tower (feat Jajwa Kalai)

7. Forsaken Death

8. Eyes Of Rá (feat Inês vera ortiz)

9. Gypsy Tragedy

10. The Red Masquerade

11. The Burden

12. Shokran

13. Prelude Of The End

14. Behind The Mask I


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