ETERNAL SILENCE - Timegate Anathema
  • ETERNAL SILENCE - Timegate Anathema

ETERNAL SILENCE - Timegate Anathema


Recorded at The Groove Factory (Udine, Italy) and Line/Out Studio (Milano, Italy) with mixing and mastering by Michele Guaitoli (Visions of Atlantis, Temperance, Kaledon), "Timegate Anathema" will feature ten tracks of symphonic and power prog metal plus will see the band introduce new elements and experimentation into their sound. The album goes from power metal songs like "The Way Of Time" and "My Soul Sad Until Death" to heavy and dark ones like "Rain and Red Death Masquerade", passing through the catchy melodies of tracks like "Glide In The Air" and acoustic moments on "Lonely and Firefly". The main theme that inspired the album is the concept of Time.

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The Way Of Time

Edge Of The Dream

Ancient Spirit

Heart Of Lead


Glide In The Air


My Soul Sad Until Death


Red Death Masquerade


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