SINISTHRA - Last Of The Stories of Long Past Glories (reissue)


Track Listing:
1. Coming Up Roses
2. Ice Cube Sun
3. Fearless Under The Falling Sky
4. To The One Far Away
5. Unrevealed
6. My Sweet Nothing
7. Fucking Fragile
8. Innocence…In A Sense
9. Completely Incomplete
10. Ice Cube Sun (demo version) CD version only
11. Unrevealed (demo version) CD version only
12. Not For You (unreleased track) CD version only
13. To Have And To Hold (unreleased track) CD version only

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After the recent release of the new album 'The Broad and Beaten Way', finland’s Sinisthra and Italian label Rockshots Records join forces for a reissue edition of the band's debut album 'Last of The Stories of Long Past Glories' coming out next August 28, 2020.

Originally released in 2005, the new physical version of the album includes four bonus tracks: Ice Cube Sun (demo version), Unrevealed (demo version), Not For You (unreleased track), To Have And To Hold (unreleased track).