SIGNUM DRACONIS - The Divine Comedy: Inferno
  • SIGNUM DRACONIS - The Divine Comedy: Inferno

SIGNUM DRACONIS - The Divine Comedy: Inferno


Signum Draconis is a heavy metal opera of Inferno, from The Divine Comedy written by Dante Alighieri.
Featuring 17 songs by the band all sung in English, the double CD album is the first in a triptych of the complete work of Dante's magnum opus with Purgatory and Paradise to follow, and will also feature duets with selected special guest vocalists, narrations of selected chants, and an orchestral accompaniment by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and Choir.

Featuring 17 special guests such as MARK BOALS (ex-Malmsteen), BEN JACKSON (Crimson Glory), SIMONE MULARONI (DGM), OLEG SMIRNOFF (Eldritch, Vision Divine), CHIARA MANESE

Produced by Simone Mularoni & Oscar Grace at Domination Studio.


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CD 1:
1. In the Midway of Life’s Journey (5:14)
2. The Mission of Virgil (3:44)
3. Gate of Hell (Arrival of Charon) (5:58)
4. The Borderland (4:48)
5. Whirlwind of Lovers (5:11)
6. Under Eternal Rain (4:50)
7. To the Edge of Stygian Lagoon (4:45)
8. Regnum Dite (2:36)
9. Burning Graves (5:50)
10. Phlegethon (The Bloody River) (6:00)
11. Forest of Suicides (5:48)

12. Firestorm (6:11)

CD 2:
13. On Geryon’s Back (1:10)
14. Ten Moats of Damnation (Interlude: The Ulysses' Chant) (11:31)
15. In Hands of Titans (5:28)
16. Cocytus (The Ice Terror) (8:28)
17. Lucifer (7:46)