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SELENSEAS - The Outer Limits
  • SELENSEAS - The Outer Limits

SELENSEAS - The Outer Limits

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Moscow Power Metal Band SELENSEAS new album "The Outer Limits"

“The Outer Limits” consists of 13 tracks, including 9 songs, intro, an instrumental track with the same title and 2 bonus tracks.

The band’s music immerses the listeners in an extraordinary world in which mysticism, mythology, fantasy and philosophy are intertwined with the harmony of guitars and atmospheric keyboards.

The music contains elements of folk, progressive, doom, hard rock but is centered around the heavy/power metal genre.

Each song has its own meaning, style and mood, and the album as a whole has the goal to enlighten the listener, since the songs touch different themes, such as literature, movies, philosophy, mystics, mythology, fantasy and even physics.

Album tagline: “Choose your story!”

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sergei Lazar (Arkona)

FOR FANS OF: Sonata Arctica, Edguy, Lost Horizon


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1. Intro

2. Hope

3. Frigate

4. Time

5. Asgard

6. The Revenge of the Ifrit

7. Dante

8. The Mirror

9. The Flame of Dawn

10. The Milky Way

11. The Outer Limits

Bonus Tracks:

12. The Mirror (Radio Edit)

13. The Milky Way (Alternative Version)


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