KORMAK - Faerenus
  • KORMAK - Faerenus

KORMAK - Faerenus


Newcomer folk metallers KormaK to release of their debut album "Faerenus" in June!

The album inspects on the concept of madness and what this is caused by. Indeed "Faerenus" is the ethereal place where the hidden fears come to life by creating times, places and divinities, and the mind self-evolves until all the memories are mutated into obsessive nightmares with no escape.

"Faerenus" is a  no-place covered of secret symbols as well as obscure meanings, ending with the lullaby "Eterea El" that commits you to leave that place no more.

In March 2018 they realized their first single "The Goddess’ Song", available at the following link: https://youtu.be/bcZI-QYDPW0

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